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How It Works

Workshops at your school: Throughout the school year, we invite families to workshop-style evening meetings at local schools and community centers.  Children of all ages are welcome to attend with their parents. Childcare is provided for very young children, and older ones are included in workshops designed for their level in school.  All Latino programs are in Spanish and English. The workshops address pressing concerns for both students and parents such as financial aid and scholarships, essay writing, deadlines, ACT and SAT tests, admissions process, and the natural fear of going away for college. The workshops are designed so that participants can become personally acquainted with university and college staff who can continue to help them in the future. In addition, current UO students share their insights on all aspects of college life—including making ends meet financially and balancing work with studies. We serve a healthful meal and are available for informal conversation about college after the program.

Hear Eryka Island’s perspective on the program:

Although the Opportunities Program is offered by the University of Oregon, it does not focus exclusively on this University. The program is designed to bring students and parents together to consider college as a team and as a family. It currently serves the Latino and Native American communities with plans to expand to other communities that wish to participate. Our goal is to help students and parents understand the process of transitioning to college and the Opportunities Program is one of the ways we do this.

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Other UO programs with the same intent include:

For more information about other outreach programs, please contact the office of admissions at (800) BE-A-DUCK, 541-346-3201 or visit the Office of Admissions